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A range of info and advice concerning your health and well-being including sexual and mental health and safety.

Drugs affect the brain which in turn affects the mood of the person taking them. There are different types of drugs which affect users in different ways.

The Talk to Frank website has a complete A-Z of drugs and their effects.

Illegal drugs are divided into three classes; A, B and C. Penalties for possessing drugs can range from a caution to a fine to life imprisonment depending on what the drug is, the amount you have and whether you intend to supply it to others. Your current criminal record and personal circumstances may also be taken into account. Talk to frank gives details of the classification of each drug and the range of possible penalties for possessing and supplying it to others.

The University has a zero tolerance policy to illegal drug taking, meaning that if you are found to be in possession of illegal substances you could be expelled from the University.

If you think that you or a friend has a problem with drugs it is important to talk to somebody about it. Please click here for information on what support is available and where to get help.

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