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Self-harm is often a way of coping with painful and difficult feelings and distress. Someone may harm themselves because they feel overwhelmed and don't know how else to deal with things. It's usually a very private issue and motivations and methods will differ from one person to another.

Self harm can include harmful behaviours such as self injury: cutting, burning, biting, head banging, hitting, and pulling out hair. It can also include risk taking behaviour, eating disorders and substance abuse.

For more information about self harm, help and advice, visit The Helpguide on cutting ahd self harm.

The Life Signs website also provides information, a safe message board and fact sheets about self harm.

The Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust have produced an excellent self help booklet about self harm that you can access here.

National Self Harm Network aims to support, empower and educate individuals and their families about self harm in order to reduce their emotional distress and to improve their quality of life. You can contact them by e-mail at or call their support helpline 0800 622 6000 (7.00pm to 11.00pm Thursday to Saturday, 6.10pm to10.30pm Sunday).

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