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A range of info and advice concerning your health and well-being including sexual and mental health and safety.

We want to remind our members about staying safe when using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Whilst we recognise the fun and useful nature of such sites, we would remind you that they are public forums and your information & photos may be visible to anyone, including people outside your social groups. For example, if you post an event on Facebook many people may see this, and it could lead to unwanted guests or comments.  We have also been alerted to a number of 'lost phone' groups that are public and where phone numbers can be easily obtained.

Facebook can be a great tool for organising groups or events, but we advise you to ensure that only people who you have invited are permitted to join the group or event, or that you set the group or event to 'secret' so that other people cannot view the information.

Behaviour likely to ‘bring the University into disrepute’ is considered a disciplinary offence, including behaviour that happens off campus. There are privacy settings available on Facebook to limit who has access to your information and tweet approval settings to stop messages being sent to you on Twitter.

Students on courses leading to professional qualifications such as teaching, social work, healthcare and law will need to refer to the relevant professional bodies for guidance on what is acceptable behaviour, both for students and professionals.

It is important for all students to remember that the public, including potential employers, may be able to see your contact details, personal information and anything posted on your wall or timeline.

If you are concerned about any messages that you receive or information that appears about you through social networking sites, the Student Advice Centre can offer free, entirely confidential help and advice.

We make every effort to ensure information on these pages is accurate and up to date, however policies, procedures and regulations are subject to change. We therefore cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or inconvenience suffered as a result of using our pages. Read the full disclaimer.

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