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Contract Checking Service

Many contracts can be long and some are quite difficult to understand.  But unfortunately, there’s no substitute for reading the contract carefully.  

Don’t feel pressured into signing before you’re ready.  Good landlords will let you take the contract away for 24 hours before you sign.  Unipol Code landlords must agree to this if you ask, and must agree not to re-market the property in the meantime.  If the landlord is asking for a guarantor, make sure you ask to take a copy of the guarantor form away for checking too.

Contract checking is available:

  • At the Student Advice Centre drop in sessions, weekday afternoons all year round from 12.30pm until 4pm.

  • In the Unipol outlet downstairs in LUU (open 10 til 4 weekdays in term time).

  • in the House Hunting Info space in the LUU foyer during our house hunting campaign in January/February.

  • At the Housing Fair in LUU (stay tuned for 2015 date!)

Can’t make it for a check in person?

Use our online checker or visit the contracts page for more info on key legal terms.

LUU and Unipol have drawn up an easy to understand tenancy agreement for students. Even if you do not sign the same contract it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Why get a contract check?

Staff and volunteers at Student Advice are trained to help you understand the terms of the contract.

We can help make sure you’ve thought about all the key issues before you decide whether take the property.

We’ll help you check if your landlord is meeting their legal obligations.

We can help you check if your landlord is in the Unipol Code.

We can tell you if Student Advice has any unresolved casework issues concerning that landlord.

To get the most out of the contract check, make sure you read the contract carefully yourself first and note down any questions.


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