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Finding a Good Place

It’s really hard to get out of a fixed term contract once you sign, even if there are problems with the property.  And you’ll be parting with a lot of cash over the year, so be critical when viewing and make sure the place is right for you before you sign.

What should I look out for when viewing a property?

We've just launched LUU Househunter - our brand new mobile web app that gives you tips, advice, a detailed checklist and useful feedback on houses you view.  To use the app on mobiles or ipad, visit:

Prefer things on paper? Download our short one page checklist.

Use the app or the checklist to make sure you ask the right questions and look into all the key areas:

  • Does the place look well maintained?

  • Will it be warm enough?

  • Will it be safe and secure?

  • Does it have the space and facilities you need?

  • Are the current tenants happy with the landlord?

  • Is the landlord meeting their legal obligations?

  • Is the property affordable and good value?

  • Is the area suitable?

Viewing tips:

  • We recommend viewing a property at least twice.  You’ll be more likely to notice problems the second time around.  

  • It’s also a good idea to visit the area at night.

  • Make sure you and all your other housemates view the house.  Don’t take someone else’s word that the property is right for you.

  • Compare a range of different landlords and properties.

  • Go with a Unipol Code property where possible.  Code landlords have to meet higher standards and there is a complaints procedure if things go wrong.  Read more about the advantages of signing with a Code landlord.

  • Take your time and don't let landlords pressure  you - there is a surplus of good properties so you will find somewhere.

  • When you go to view, take notes and photos, and use our checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.

  • Get informed - knowing your rights will help you view properties more critically and put you in a stronger negotiating position.

  • Once you’ve found a place, don’t forget to come for a contract check.


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