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Support relating to student finances including loans, fees and funding, and advice on budgeting and managing debt.

External students are still considered to be students as you are still registered on a course at the University of Leeds. Only those who finish or permanently withdraw from their course are no longer considered to be students. 

This page has information on:

Fees and maintenance

External students do not pay tuition fees (but are charged re-sit fees). You will not receive a student loan from Student Finance, including tuition fee loans, maintenance loans and maintenance grants. If this is an issue for you, please seek advice from the Student Advice Centre.

You are, however, still eligible to apply for the Access to Learning Fund at the University if you experience unexpected financial hardship.

As external students are still considered to be students, you will normally be exempt from Council Tax, and you may be prevented from claiming benefits such as Job Seekers Allowance unless you are entitled to these benefits before you become an external student. Please seek advice if you would like to check benefit eligibility. 

Student cards

External students do not necessarily have a student ID card, and you do not have the automatic right to use University services such as the library. Student ID cards are required for exams, and so you will need to speak with your school about getting a card, or alternate forms of ID that can be used. If you require access to the University libraries, you should contact your school.

Academic information – exams and classes

As an external student you will not normally attend lectures, seminars or practical sessions. You will, however, be required to take re-sits. Normal re-sit regulations apply and you will be charged £2.00 per credit plus a £50.00 administration fee, unless the re-sit is a ‘first attempt’. You must register for a re-sit before the deadline listed on Taught Student Administration's Results and Re-assessments page or you will be charged a £100.00 administration fee, regardless of whether the re-sit is a ‘first attempt’ or not.

International students

If you are an international student with a Tier 4 visa, becoming an external student will mean that, as you will no longer be attending classes, the conditions of your visa will no longer be met. You may therefore be asked to leave the UK. The University is required to inform the Home Office of changes to your student status. The International Student Office can provide you with more information.

Immigration information is correct at time of going to press, but you are encouraged to seek advice from the International Student Office.

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