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This information is for a home Undergraduates. If you are a Postgraduate on either a masters or PhD or an international student the information is different. 

This page has information on:

Permanently leaving University.

If you are consider permanently withdrawing from University you may want to look at the impact this has on your finances. There is information on the process in the Taught Student Guide here

You may also want to consult our guide to changing modules or courses.

If you withdraw from your course this will cause Student Finance to re-assess your entitlement. This could result in an overpayment of loan or grant. This will depend on what you are entitled to and and when you withdraw. Please seek advice if you want more information about this or you want help with your overpayment. We can support you in talking to your funding body if you have an overpayment,  


The maintenance grants and loans should stop as soon as you leave. As this is a change of circumstances you should contact Student Finance.

If you have signed a housing contract in Leeds you are likely to be legally bound to paying rent for the rest of the year, even if you are leaving the city. For more information see our Housing Advice pages.

If you are in University accommodation you can be released from your contract when you sign a Leavers Form but you will be charged 8 weeks rent for notice. This can be reduced if someone takes over your room.

Once you have left University permenantly your restrictions on claiming benefits as a full time student will be lifted. Eligibility for benefits will vary depending on circumstances, contact the Advice Centre for more information. 

Tuition fees.

We advise that once you have decided you want to leave you contact to discuss any outstanding charges you may have. However, in deciding to leave it may help to understand what will happen with your tuition fees.

What year you started University may affect how your tuition fee charges are handled.

If you permanently leave University at any point between the start of the academic term and the end of the first term- you will be charged  25% of your tuition fees.

 If you leave at any point after the end of the first term and the end of the second term you will be charged 50%.

If you leave anytime after the end of the second term and the end of the third term you will be charged 100% of your tuition fee.

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to get a tuition fee loan to cover the amount they are charged and therefore not have to pay a cash balance. However if you started before 2012/13 or are funded by the Scottish Awards Agency the rules are slightly different and you may need to pay a cash balance. Please contact the Advice Centre for clarification. 

Future courses.

If you leave university permanently part way through a year, this will be counted as a years funding if you wish to return to University later. Students can normally access Student Finance loans for the duration of their course, plus one extra year.  As a result if you leave permanently and decide to return to University at a later date you may not receive funding for the full duration of your course if you need to repeat a year.

Temporary Leave 

Some students need to take some time out from their course due to personal reasons. This usually results in returning to study at the next available session. When this happens you need to notify your school and Student Finance. 

When you permenantly withdraw from University as you will be registered as in non attendence and you will not be eligible for Student Finance from that point. This may result in an overpayment of grants. If you recieve an overpayment notice contact the Student Advice Centre for further advice. 

If you are on temporary leave from a full time course you will still be considered a full time student as far as benefit eligibility. This limits students eligibilty for benefits. 

If you are considering temporary leave or you have withdrawn you may wish to speak to the advice centre for help and advice with budget. 

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