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Who we are and how we work

Leeds University Union Student Advice provides confidential and independent free help and advice to all students at the University of Leeds.

We offer advice in a range of areas. Some of the most common problems students experience relate to housing (such as disrepair or deposits), money (such as problems with student loans, or debts) and University procedures (appealing your results, or if you are accused of plagiarism). We can also advise on consumer problems, employment, and can offer help and support for students who may be experiencing domestic violence, victim of a crime, harassment. In short, whatever problems you are experiencing while you are a student at Leeds we can either help you or find someone who can.

Ways we give advice

Quick information

Often we can provide you with information that you need very easily. This may be to resolve your problem or to give you the first steps. We can do this at our Info Desk, and you do not need to see an advisor. Our info staff may come and speak with an experienced advisor if there is anything complex. We can provide a private room if the matter is sensitive. If the information assistant thinks you need to speak to an advisor in person they will arrange this.

Chat about the problem

We have a drop-in service most afternoons from 12.30-4pm. This is a first-come first served service so get here as early as you can. This is where we can give you some one-off advice about what you should best do to resolve the problem. The appointment will take around 15 minutes to half an hour. After the drop-in the advisor will email you a Record of Advice with an outline of what they have said. They may suggest some things that you can do and if this does not resolve the problem we might arrange a further appointment. This might not be with the same advisor.

Further Help

If your case is complex and we will need to get a lot of information from you, or act on your behalf we will normally book an appointment.

Appointments are booked for an hour, but may take less time than this. You may have to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment. While we understand that every case is important some issues are more urgent than others, for example where there is a deadline such as a court date or University deadline, or if there is an immediate risk to your health and safety.

Telephone Help

We can do appointments by telephone if you are not in Leeds. This is not as easy as face to face advice and so we do need to you make sure you send us in the information that we ask for first so that we can look over it before we call you. 

(Please note that our voicemail service is currently experiencing difficulties and we are unable to retreive voice messages. Please email instead!)

Email Help

We can give you advice via email. A lot of our casework communication is done via email as this is easier and makes better use of our time and yours.

For some cases such as benefits questions it is easier to get the information we need from you and then research the answer through our information sources and email you.

What you can expect from us

  • We will acknowledge any emails within 48 hours during the week, and let you know if it will take us longer to give you a full response.
  • If we agree that we will do something for you by a certain time we will do it, unless there is a good reason why we can’t, in which case we will explain this to you.
  • If we need to cancel an appointment we will aim to re-book it within one week.

What we need from you

  • If we book an appointment we need you to arrive 10 minutes before the start time so that we can take your details. If you are more than 15 minutes late we might need to rearrange the appointment.
  • If you cannot attend an appointment please let us know so we can offer it to someone else.
  • Please ensure that you bring all the information we ask for to your appointment. If you do not have the right information we might need to rearrange your appointment
  • If we ask you to respond to us or give us information by a certain time please try and do this. The advisor will have booked time in their diary to deal with your case.

Who we are

This is our staff team and how they can help you.

Advice Manager

The Advice Manager manages the staff team of the Advice Centre. You can contact her with any complaints or concerns about our service.

Specialist Advisors

The specialist advisors focus on one area either housing, money or academic issues, and manage the campaigns and projects that LUU runs in this area. You may want to get in touch with our specialist advisors if you have any campaigning suggestions or areas of concern which affect groups of people.

Generalist Advisors

Our generalist advisors work in all areas. These will often be the people you see on drop-in and appointments. All our advisors are trained to the same level, so it is not necessary to see a specialist when you have a more complex problem

Information Assistants

The Information assistants work on the information desk and will normally be the first person you will speak to when you contact us. They cannot give advice, but they can provide information and may suggest things that you need to do before seeing an advisor. They can arrange for you to come to our drop-in and book and appointment

Unipol Housing Information Assistants

This team works in the Unipol Outlet downstairs in LUU. They can provide basic housing advice, help with househunting and check your contract. They can refer more complex problems to the main advice team

Academic Support Assistants

This team work on academic projects, such as coordinating our 'space to relax' in exam periods.

Money Information Assistants

This team work on projects that help students with money. These projects can involve stalls, news articles, workshops or attending relevant events. Part of their role can also involve giving you basic money advice, for example with budgeting or money saving.

Confidentiality and conflict of interest

All the information we take from you remains confidential – this means we will not tell any other person unless you give us permission to, or in some very particular circumstances where we feel there is a risk to your safety or the safety of another person.

Our confidentiality policy also includes the University. We work very closely and have a good relationship with the University but we are a separate organisation and we will always get your consent before talking to them.


We also need consent from you to  speak to your parents. We can give general information but we will not normally discuss cases with them, or give them advice instead of you.

Conflict of interest

Leeds University Union Student Advice aims to ensure that any student can get help from us. In cases such as a plagiarism cases where more than one student is involved, the two parties will be seen by a different advisor.


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