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What is it?

Immobilise is the world's largest FREE property register.


It can be used by members of the public to register their valued possessions. Anything with a bar code or serial number can be registered, and these items are then linked to the National Mobile Property Register (NMPR).


This NMPR online checking service is used by all UK Police forces to trace owners of lost and stolen property.


As a direct result of Immobilise, there are over 250 cases a week where property is returned.

Immobilise is provided to users FREE of charge.


Some of you will already have been visited by members of West Yorkshire Police and student volunteers regarding this initiative, or perhaps on campus by your own security teams.

Why do it?

Brand new property marking equipment is now available for use by police officers and University Security teams. This scanner can be used to check the ownership details of a piece of property, however, it makes the process a lot easier if the item is already registered on the NMPR through Immobilise. The introduction of this new property marking equipment is not a quick fix, but part of a longer term strategy. All strata of people in the area – owner occupiers, private rented, students, etc. – need to be involved in this.


We need to cover not only dwelling houses and halls of residence, but also to incorporate the Higher Education Institutions per se, Schools and businesses.


This has already commenced with some of our partners.


Discussions with the University Security departments, Students Union and the wider Leeds University Crime Reduction Partnership, were productive and have led to a three year strategy. This means that from September 2012, all first year students will be registered on “Immobilise” as they start their courses.


Unfortunately, this leaves the student population already in the private rented sector at a disadvantage, and we need your assistance to “catch up”.


Students are unfortunately a vulnerable section of the community - identified through crime data analysis: Immobilise and property registration aims to redress this imbalance.


This is being piloted in your local Neighbourhood Police Team areas of the division, but we hope to roll out the scheme to other high crime areas of the division, and ultimately the district and Force area.


How does it help you and the Community?

By actively promoting Immobilise, communities can be reassured that – if they become victims of property theft – the police have an increased chance of recovering their property and catching the offenders.


Used as part of an anti-crime initiative, this will deter offenders, and bring down the rate of crime in student areas. Registered property is less desirable to thieves and handlers.


It enables local officers to carry out both large scale, strategically planned investigations, and smaller scale instant spot checks on goods in the possession of known offenders, high street outlets and car boot markets, quickly and accurately.


It allows officers to gather sufficient evidence for immediate arrests.


Simply by registering on Immobilise, YOU can have a positive impact on the levels of criminality in your local area.


Log on and start now!


The Universities Crime Reduction Partnership is right behind this initiative, and is committed to getting equipment to assist in the logging of property once you are registered.


We are hoping to start rolling this out from the New Year – but you need to get registered first!



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