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The Leadership Race 2018

The 6 successful candidates of this election will become the new Student Exec for LUU - representing all 34,000 of you, our members, on everything from the content of your course and the range of clubs and societies on offer, through to recycling where you live. From how much a meal deal costs in Essentials, as well as what support services you can access and making sure that we represent every kind of student - no matter your background, nationality, faith or sexuality. The six officers are also trustees of Leeds University Union for 2018-19. The editor of The Gryphon is elected alongside the Exec, taking charge of your student newspaper for the next year - holding the Exec and the Union to account.

The polls have closed.

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Activities Officer

Makes sure clubs and societies help students feel happy, healthy and develop as people.

Works with the Activities Exec to make sure clubs and societies are relevant to students.

Makes sure University sports and co-curricular activities are well supported.

  • Kate Hill Manifesto

    Kate’s Your Mate

  • Frances Dee Manifesto


  • Zac Walker Manifesto

    Vote #Zactivities

  • Ali Sibtain Manifesto

    Ali Ali Ali, Oi Oi Oi!

  • Amber Padfield Manifesto

    Amber for Activities

  • Edward Boateng Manifesto

    Creativity, curiosity, activities, that's Ed

  • Lauren 'Baldy' Huxley Manifesto

    Swipe right for Baldy

  • Arshdeep Chawla Manifesto

    Towards purposeful collaboration

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Community Officer

Makes accommodation better so students can focus on their degree. Helps students avoid crime so they stay safe. Represents students to make sure local public services meet their needs. Helps students to be active in their city so they get more out of living in Leeds.

  • Tom Oladipo Manifesto

    Vote for Tom: Vote for Action: Vote for Change

  • Laura Redsell Manifesto

    Laura Leeds the way

  • Kathryn Irish Manifesto

    Kathryn for Community

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Education Officer

Helps students run the University in partnership to shape how it works. Represents students to the University to make sure their education meets their expectations. Works with reps to make sure students have a say in how their course is run.

  • Ben Sanbrook-Davies Manifesto

    Back Ben

  • Serene Esuruoso Manifesto


  • Fungai Karigambe Manifesto

    Don't vote for any guy, vote for The Fungai!

  • Mohamed Jemba Manifesto

    Jemba in the jungle

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Equality & Diversity Officer

Makes sure that University services vary their approach to suit every student. Ensures all students can input into decisions so that the Union meets all needs fairly. Enacts students’ ideas for removing barriers to getting the experience they want of University.

  • Charley Strachan

    Vote for Charley

  • Akshita Joshi Manifesto

    Don’t say no to Jo

  • Gellar Day Manifesto

    Vote for a better day

  • Tamsin Scott Manifesto

    You only get one Scott, so make it count.

  • Aysha Burton Manifesto

    You can #BetOnBurton

  • Osman Deen Manifesto

    OD for ED

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Gryphon Editor

Whilst not a member of the student Exec The Gryphon Editor has an important role on campus. They help to keep students informed of events in the University, Union, and Leeds. Provides a platform for students to have their voices heard. Works to engage students with the issues affecting them on campus and beyond.

  • Nancy Gillen Manifesto

    Vote Gillen for Gryphon

  • Robbie Cairns Manifesto

    Give Rob the job.

  • Juliette Rowsell Manifesto

    Nobody does it like Juliette

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Union Affairs Officer

Chairs the board of trustees and holds staff to account so the Union benefits all students. Oversees Union finances to make sure money spent benefits students. Makes sure students’ needs are met through the Union’s democratic system. Helps govern the University to make sure it reflects the views of students.

  • Ileyas Mogeh Manifesto


  • Rachael Parker Manifesto

    Vote Rachael for a more connected Union

  • Kane Emerson Manifesto

    No Kane, No Gain

  • Alisha Lakhani Manifesto

    Say Bye Felisha & vote Alisha #1 for Union Affairs

  • Chris Morris Manifesto

    Count on Chris #1 Union Affairs - your health, your money, your future

  • Eyong Ebot-Arrey Manifesto

    Be a BAWSE, vote for Eyong for Union Affairs

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Welfare Officer

Helps students with their problems to make sure they have a great time at University. Listens to students’ concerns so that issues can be identified and resolved. Campaigns to help staff and students build a happy, inclusive community.

  • Chloe Sparks Manifesto

    Keep the Spark, re-elect Chloë

  • Pooja Balaji Manifesto

    Vote for Winnie the Pooj

  • Joe Mason Manifesto

    When the going gets tough, the tough get Joe-ing

  • Matt Port Manifesto

    Make Matt your first Port of call

  • Anna Doherty Manifesto

    Doh what’s right for you

  • Sana Hussain Manifesto

    Vote #1Sana for Welfare Officer

  • Charlie Collett Manifesto

    Big hair for Welfare

  • Sam Andersen Manifesto

    Give health a voice, make Sam your choice!

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