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Kathryn for Community

Kathryn for Community. 
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Hi! I'm Kathryn Irish and I'm running to be Community Officer. In the words of the Spice Girls 'I'll tell you what I really really want'...

* Campaign against substandard housing
* Year long leases from the 1st to the 1st to avoid the panic of having nowhere to put your stuff. 
* Meet specific housing needs of LGBTQ+ and international students (e.g. guarantor agreements and halls over summer). 
* Reduce the amount you spend on bills and make your home greener.

* Sustainability grants for your societies. 
* Easier for you to recycle glass, tetrapaks, and plastic. 
* Reduce disposable plastic packaging on campus.

Community on Campus 
* Free community art workshops. 
* Tools library where you can get DIY, gardening, and art tools. 
* Annual community art exhibition.
My experience 
As community rep this year I've been lobbying the council to provide recycling facilities for tetrapaks and I've worked on the Leave Leeds Tidy initiative. I am also currently a finance assistant for LUU. In my second year I was treasurer for the Union Music Library.