Candidate for the position of Equality & Diversity Officer

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Gellar Day

Vote for a better day


- Hold talks to outline access points into Union Democracy.

- Commit to research and initiatives to engage the most disenfranchised students the Union represents.



- Free menstruation products in all bathrooms.

- Launch an intersectional accessibility guide for Union events with recognition of most accessible societies/events.

- Push for mor eflexible deadlines and assessments

- Ensure staff have up-to-date training.



- Monthly meetings with the LibCos

- Be a resource and source of experience for organisers during history months.

- Make the LibCos an established route to empowering marginalized students.


Why Me?

Genderqueer, pansexual and disabled. My lif ehas been guided by the push for equality and recognition of diversities I embody and those I do not. As your E&D Officer, I would bring this same passion and dedication I have as LGBTQ+ Treasurer, Transgender Liberation Coordinator and aiding the organisation of LGBTQ+ History Month for the Union. I have experience campaigning, organising and voicing opinions even if they're unpopular. I'm not afraid to stand up and fight with you for the experience you deserve.