Candidate for the position of Union Affairs Officer

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Chris Morris

Count on Chris #1 Union Affairs - your health, your money, your future


Your Health

I will challenge the University to go further and provide better mental health services - more counselling, support & contact


I will push LUU to promote & equip students to protect their health and wellbeing at University


Your Money

We need better value for money. Subsidised printing in LUU and cheaper offers - a Burger & Drink for £6 and Dine 2 for £10


I want to extend support to the arts, student-led conferences and public representation, making LUU a national leader in both innovation and quality


Your Union

Ensure your new spaces are accessible and used in the best way, with priority for students - too often 2 people are in the biggest space, with 30 in the smallest


I will take LUU to You. It isn’t just a building, it is your Union. I want to take pop-up stalls from Joblink, Help & Advice and other outlets around campus & Hyde Park to give everyone easy access


Your Future

I will start a programme of debates and talks, giving you a chance to learn from alumni & public figures to help you prepare and network for your future


I will make it easier to make change on a campus, local & national level - providing you with a campaigning hub to develop and practise your skills


Who Am I?

I’m a 5th Year Medic, who has volunteered across LUU as Academic Rep and sat on committees for 4 years with Performance, Volunteering, & Academic societies. I have worked at LUU for 3 years, progressing to Technical Supervisor, leading events such as Leeds Ball & Fruity.

As a passionate and engaged student, I’d love to improve LUU for you!