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Policy on exam paper mistakes

Ever had exams were you encountered mistakes with questions, values and exams with entire formula sheets missing? Got added a negligible amount of time or did your exam get cancelled? Mistakes are natural, but the way they are managed must not be.

Mental health considerations in assessment

Based on assessment mapping, timetables are designed and coursework deadlines are chosen, usually with no regard to the student's mental health. After consulting with student reps and students from different schools, it's obvious that students at higher levels feel their mental health has deteriorated due to unsustainable amounts of work. 

This must change!

Introduce a university wide policy on hidden course costs

Thought you are paying 9000+ a year but ended up paying much more? As if 9000+ was not enough to begin with! I will continue the work of previous execs to tackle this ongoing issue. Programs must clearly indicate the potential hidden course costs within them!