Candidate for the position of Welfare Officer

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Pooja Balaji

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Hello! I'm Pooja Balaji, and I want to be your Welfare Officer! I want to make sure that you have the best time when you are at the University of Leeds, and to make sure that you feel safe, welcome and accepted. As LGBTsoc’s Equality and Diversity Officer (17/18) and the Ecology Course Rep (15/16, 16/17, 17/18), I promise to use my experience to represent your views.

Your Safety is My Priority

  • A better implemented harassment reporting system and a zero tolerance policy for hate speech

  • Implementation of a well known “safeword” to be used in case of harassment that all the union staff will be trained in

  • Better security on late night events in the union Everyone Deserves A Space

  • More gender neutral toilets that aren’t also disabled access toilets

  • More prayer rooms

  • Bridge the gap between international and home students


More Access To Mental Health Support

  • Mental health safe spaces - accessible quiet rooms for students in case of emergency

  • Easier access to mental health support in schools - links between student support and the


LUU for better education related mental health support

  • Union wide drop in welfare sessions with the welfare officers and student support


Twitter: @PoojForWelfare