Candidate for the position of Equality & Diversity Officer

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Aysha Burton

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Promote PoC to enrol in STEM subjects and create positive spaces for them to share experiences in STEM careers?

Create large forums where the Oppression conversation can have a stronger, louder voice.

Allow students to discuss the disadvantages they face before, after and during university as ethnic minority and LGBT students.

Promoting a positive image of WoC across campus, detaching the exotic fetish from WoC by creating a creative movement where students can share their art that embodies what being a woman means to them.?

Have the union become more involved with night clubs in order to promote safety and help to remove racial bias by certain night clubs

Focus on eliminating the Isolation created when starting university for BAEM and LGBT students, by making cultural music focused nights at fruity?

Working to remove ignorance, particular in sports teams and society socials, where certain themes for socials display a lack of understanding for other cultures as well as a lack of sensitivity.

Voicing the concerns of the LGBT community within the BAEM group, which can be extremely hostile to LGBT people, more so than white LGBT people.