Candidate for the position of Gryphon Editor

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Nancy Gillen

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Paper that represents YOU

- More student features and showcases

- Open door policy

- Ensure diversity


Print and Online Integration

- Interactive social media

- Polls and tweets included in the paper to represent YOUR views


More for members

- Workshops, talks and promotion of events already happening on campus

- Better communication throughout the society and an improved relationship between the Editor in Chief, editors and writers

- Better training for editors


I want to make the Gryphon more representative of the student body, so you feel like it’s truly your paper. Whether you’ve got a gig with your band, started a club night, achieved significant sporting success, set up a business or organised a campaign, the Gryphon can give you recognition for this. My open-door policy will make it easier for you to get featured or suggest article ideas. I will incorporate print and online by including tweets and poll results in the paper, so your views are expressed. Finally, I want to attract more students to become members of the Gryphon, through improving communication throughout the society and providing training, talks and workshops.