Candidate for the position of Gryphon Editor

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Juliette Rowsell

Nobody does it like Juliette

Juliette Rowsell – Gryphon Editor


1. Diversity  

As your Gryphon editor, I would look to work alongside the Equality and Diversity Officer to ensure that we have a greater range of writers from BME, LGBTQ and other minority backgrounds so we can give greater coverage into the issues and interests facing all students.  


2. Opportunities for you 

The Gryphon is a fantastic platform for writers. However, I believe that graphic designers, photographers and illustrators should have as many opportunities to shape the paper, and to help create a Gryphon that looks as good as it reads. 


3. Efficiency 

The Gryphon needs to respond more effectively efficiently to global movements such as Black History Month and International Women’s Day. I would put in place a system to ensure that we can give these movements the coverage they deserve.


4. Improve your skills 

For many people, The Gryphon will be their first experience in journalism. I will introduce workshops on key journalistic skills including writing, photography, interviewing and employability workshops to make the paper a more accessible and rewarding experience.


5. Uncover Leeds  

Leeds is consistently voted as one of the best cities to go to university in, and our paper should reflect this. I believe the paper should have a greater focus on upcoming events and local Leeds charities for students to get involved with. 


‘Nobody does it like Juliette’