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About Me

Do people still read this (Jokes). Been to Wuhan and Sydney, Bioenergy Researcher, subwarden in student halls, Worked for the National citizen Service (NCS) before with the challenge network as a community mentor. It would be a pleasure and delight if you voted for me as your community officer. What you can expect to get in return are not limited to tips and practical steps to save you money and time. Read below for more.  


  • Free shuttle bus from halls to Union on busy morning’s weekdays
  • Plastics recycling
  • Making recycling easier and fun to do with practical steps to effective recycling (campaign)
  • Practical cooking skills included in having a go sessions and also continual basic training for cooking for under £10 and less than 1 hour
  • Food, accessories and clothes exchange programme
  • An app to help people exchange anything including food going out of date but someone else can have it, or travel tickets but plans changed and pay what you want or offer for free if so inclined
  • 24 hours opening for one of the libraries preferably laidlaw excluding exam period
  • More awareness for the fantastic workshops the Union offers including exam tips and techniques, dealing with stress  
  • More affordable lunch options around campus
  • Practical budgeting classes making money last longer. More buck for your money
  • More flexibility with the Edge times for Halls Edge membership