Candidate for the position of Welfare Officer

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Chloe Sparks

Keep the Spark, re-elect Chloƫ


1. Make uni Safer for you

  • So far I’ve started a hate crime prevention project, run a campaign on ‘Toxic Relationships’ and campaigned against sexual violence
  • Up next: Keep standing up for survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse
  • Prioritise safety in the city and promote zero tolerance to sexual harassment
  • Work with students and societies to keep tackling hate crime such as racism, antisemitism, islamophobia and transphobia


2. Accessible mental health support for all

  • So far I’ve created a wellbeing rep system, got the uni to invest in online support and better personal tutors, and i’ve worked on campaigns such as ‘It’s Ok Not To Be Ok’
  • Up next: continue to campaign for increased funding in the University and NHS
  • Support students and societies to provide peer support through wellbeing activity such as coffee hours and pet therapy
  • Keep pushing for inclusive services for all students mental health, especially LGBTQ+, BME and disabled students
  • Make sure the University keep their promise to improve the personal tutor and student support officer system in all schools


3. Continue tackling the causes of your stress

  • So far I've been working on issues like fair rent in Halls, removing graduation costs, as well as timetabling and module choice issues
  • Up next: Continue to tackle every day cost of living pressures and work to make graduation cheaper and remove hidden course costs
  • Ensure LUU and the University properly prepare you for life after uni
  • Review the timing of assessments and deadlines so you get a proper winter break