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Robbie Cairns

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Robbie Cairns For Gryphon Editor

Engage With Societies

Societies are the lifeblood of Leeds University Union. With over 300 societies hosting thousands of diverse socials across the year, The Gryphon should be encouraging and promoting these events, increasing their visibility for students who may never have even heard of Quidditch society or Stitch n Bitch. Not only will this increase the exposure of these societies, as well as the online presence of The Gryphon, but it will also provide a better university experience for YOU.



It’s time to give The Gryphon a much-needed upgrade, whether that be online or in print. A brand new website, designed specifically to improve interaction, navigation, and overall style will make the Gryphon stand out as a student publication that excels both on campus and online. Alternatively, printing our magazine supplement, In the Middle, on higher quality 90gsm paper, would make its latest re-design feel as amazing to feel as it does to read.


Investigative Journalism

I want in-depth news stories that go beyond the front page. It is the Gryphon’s duty to hold the Union & the University to account, and more exploratory news stories, with a focus on public comments, images and evidence will allow students and writers to take a more critical line on news stories around campus. The goal is not to aimlessly critique the Union, but to push it to become the best institution it can be, for EVERYONE.


On top of that, I would like to accommodate adverts that promote local independent businesses and encourage students to discover new bars, shops, or cafés in Leeds, as well as begin a bank of photos and images, taken by students, to use instead of ones taken by rival publications. 


But don’t worry, that’s for me to figure out. All you have to do is vote. As a former President of the English Society, and being an associate editor at The Gryphon, you can count on me.


So visit and Vote Rob For The Job