Candidate for the position of Welfare Officer

Matt Port

Make Matt your first Port of call

Make Matt your first Port of call, as LUU's next Welfare Officer!

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Encourage Safer Drug Use

  • Open conversation about student drug use

  • Create guidelines on harm reduction and self-care

  • Make drug testing kits available from LUU

  • More drug-related Mental Health support


Improve Mental Health Services

  • Campaign against NHS mental health cuts

  • Promote services already available at LUU

  • Increase LUU funding for mental health

  • Advertise safe spaces for minority groups


Change Attitudes... Period.

  • Put free tampons in LUU toilets!

  • Lobby big retailers to pay 'Tampon Tax' for you

  • Push for government to abolish the 'Tampon Tax'

  • Launch LUU Campaign to tackle period stigma