Candidate for the position of Welfare Officer

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Joe Mason

When the going gets tough, the tough get Joe-ing



Prioritize Your SAFETY

  1. KEEP you in the loop about student housing, making you aware of causes for concern when and where they occur.
  2. INCREASE sexual health support across campus with mor efrequent campaigns and making sure students know how and where they can access the support they need, from contraceptives to STD checks, let LUU point you in the right direction!
  3. CREATE an official university run forum for student housing areas like Hyde Park and Woodhouse. Somewhere you can interact with othe rstudents, find housemates and STAY UPDATED!



  1. GIVE you the means to tke charge of your student experience at LEeds by letting your voice be heard during strike action and Union changes. Have a say in how this will affect YOU.


Boost Student SUPPORT

  1. MAKE perosnal tutors more personal! With training and introducing support criteria, let us get persoal tutor smore involved in your student welfare!
  2. PROVIDE welfare training for society and accomodation exec committees, so they too xcan provide welfare guidance to students.
  3. BUILD UP additional support AND funding for welfare centric societies and give students the means to help themselves and others as is needed!