Candidate for the position of Union Affairs Officer

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Alisha Lakhani

Say Bye Felisha & vote Alisha #1 for Union Affairs

Bye Felisha - Vote Alisha! No. 1 for Union Affairs

For the many! NOT THE FEW!

Inclusivity: Feel left out of your union?

I want to make LUU more inclusive:

  • Celebrating the achievements of alumni from minority backgrounds by renaming buildings in their honour.
  • Supporting students with mental health issues by creating pop up relaxation spaces and having better communication between LUU and the University to ensure you are getting the help you need!
  • Offering more ethnically diverse food at LUU outlets

Employability: Do you feel career ready?

I want to make employability accessible by creating an online platform:

  • Offering all career opportunities under one roof by partnering LUU with Joblink, the Careers Centre and the University
  • Providing free workshops and online courses to help you develop "future-proof" life skills and teach you about important things like personal finance and pensions
  • Promoting entrepreneurial spirit by providing more funding for your great ideas

Affordability: Want more value for your money?

I want to make your university experience more affordable:

  • Collaborating with local business to offer student discounts across the city 
  • Creating Loyalty cards for all LUU outlets to reward you
  • Offering greater transparency in terms of price. Ethically sourced products are more expensive and students should be aware that they are spending more for sustainability

Why me?

I'm passionate about empowering women and minority groups and have enacted positive change for all as BME Liberation Coordinator, Committee member for both the Politics Society and the Practical Initiatives Network (PIN Society)