Candidate for the position of Community Officer

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Laura Redsell

Laura Leeds the way



Collaborate - Engage with local organisations for fun workshops, charity fundraisers, better landlords and safer spaces

Opportunities - Get involved with changes that YOU want to happen, I will make sure your voice is heard

Moving Weekend - No more stres from moving out to moving in with a place to store your belongings

Make New Friends - Get to know your local community with coffee dates, arts and crafts, poetry night, upcycling clothes swaps and more!

Use Less - Helpful guide sso you can save money on bills, reduce your plastic consumption, and improve recycling in Leeds

No More Food Waste - Organised cooking classes with the community to help us all reduce our food waste and save you money!

Improve Accessibility - Campaign for more changing places fully accessible bathrooms across the city, and improve accessibility with landlords.

Together - Voting for me means we can work together to create a fun, welcoming and inclusive community, let's make this happen.

YOUR Leeds - Make your vote Laura 4 Community