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Woah, big question. Currently an MA Politics student, I've dabbled in Radio, and am the Postgrad school rep for POLIS. Keen bean, Northern convert, professional lightweight.




Growing tired of the marketisation of higher education? As feepaying students we deserve so much more. If you choose me as your representative, I propose clear, frequent and accurate communication between us, as students, and those at the highest
levels of our university. Now is the time to access the answers, together.



- Lobby the university to prevent the implementation of Grade Point Average (GPA) including first year results.
- Tackle hidden costs within our degrees.




Our frequent exclusion from the big debates about the direction of our university has extensive consequences, for both undergraduates and postgraduates. We contribute greatly – not just through monetary contributions, but also through our academic input. Despite this, we have minimal access to the decision-making process.



- I will endeavour to expand the minimal student platforms for communication with the university and use them as a podium to amplify your voice.
- Postgrad students often feel excluded from university decisions. As a fellow Postgrad, I will ensure the facilitation of more postgraduate events.
- I will be lobbying for Health Sciences to be open the same amount of time as Laidlaw, as all students, regardless of course should be deserving of equal access to facilities.




There are vast discrepancies of personal tutorship between schools across our campus, and this is not acceptable. Why is it fair that some can provide good references for jobs, but others
cannot? Why do some offer guidance, but others do not have the time?



- Elected Personal Tutor Champions for each school, setting a standard for their colleagues to follow. We then don't expect too much from our tutors, but more importantly, they don't give too little.
- Within the Champion scheme will be guidance on how to appropriately provide guidance to students struggling with their mental health, ensuring mental health remains a priority and
limiting the number of students who get lost in the system.