Candidate for the position of Activities Officer

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Arshdeep Chawla

Towards purposeful collaboration


'Beam me up, Scotty!'

> Technologic: Going back to the drawing board to devise a Digital Strategy for Activities, working closely with LUU Director of Digital.

> Meaningful Collaborations: Connecting Activities Office and Sports & Societies with powerful team collaboration tools, substantially reducing the turnaround time.

> Training material that's 'on fleek': A complete overhaul of society and volunteer induction & training resources, development of easy-to-use (and digest) audio-video resources.

> Enhancing Digital Outreach: Regular workshops for societies to monitor & accentuate their digital footprint to easily find potential new members and sponsors. One FREE (event-based) Snapchat geofilter for every society!

Dough-licious Socials

> 'Term Pass' for Fruity: Get *unlimited* access to Fruity every Friday and save over 25%

> 'Group Discount' for Societies: Get massive discounts on Fruity and other Union events for society socials.

> Say adios to 'Booking Fee' @ Leeds Tickets: Booking online should be cheaper, not more expensive.

5-6-7-8,  The Union Will Reciprocate

> There's a reason why we call it the 'Union': The Union will make EVERY effort to recognize and thank members, staff and volunteers, not just once a year but every fortnight (with sweet gestures like free lunch at Refactory for a week, gift cards etc.)!


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