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Edward Boateng

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Drive the appropriate level of support to all clubs and societies; this ensures regardless of size; the right assistance is provided. I want societies to know who I am and know that they can contact me so their needs are met. 



There should be an easier way for which societies can find people with capability and skill to help ensure they as a society reach their potential. This could be from within their society or outside of it.The University of Leeds has an array of talented and determined students who could help. I would like to create new specialised teams which can bolster productivity.  For example, a photography team.



I will introduce an annual inter-departmental activity day.

- This will give students the opportunity to integrate with fellow peers.

- Allow for greater integration between faculties whilst strengthening social sport.

- This day will serve a variety of purposes such as friendly competition, talent identification, networking and just a mountain of fun.



There is too much variability in the transfer from old committees to new ones.  My aim would be to ensure societies are financially stable for handover. Ensure the new committee members understand and are well-supported in their new role. Develop and standardise the handover process between committees to help them progress.


I'm a fourth year MRes student and a former proud pharmacology student who has been a member of a variety of societies such as futsal, swimming development B and FobSoc. As an individual I am always willing to go beyond my comfort zone. This is emphasised through me spending three weeks in China on a study programme, taking part in Leeds RAG Fashion Show and going to a whole host of give it a go's. I have undertaken a diverse range of ambassadorial roles such as pharmacology course rep in all my three years and peer assisted mentoring. Please give me that chance to go out of my comfort zone further.


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