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May 2017 Better Forums Update

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Here is a run down of what happened at the May 2017 round of Better Forums, unfortunately Better University was unable to pass any Ideas into policy as it was inquorate.


Better Union [Monday 8th May, 2017]

The first forum of the week, Better Union, saw the passing of 9 ideas:

  1. Should the Welfare Officer be responsible for ensuring the continuation of student support groups

    • ??Passed [15 in favour, 0 against] 

  2. Should LUU establish liberation networks?

    • ??Passed [13 in favour, 2 against] 

  3. Should LUU operate a quiet hour in Essential?

    • Passed [12 in favour, 3 against]

  4. Should LUU commit to paying a real living wage as set by the Living Wage Foundation?

    • Passed [15 in favour, 0 against]

  5. Should LUU clubs and societies have equality and diversity officers? Amended to:Should the committee of an LUU club and society also takes into consideration the accessibility of the society as part of its core responsibilities?

    • Passed [14 in favour, 1 against]

  6. Should LUU ensure that all disposable plastic is replaced by a biodegradable alternative?

    • Passed [13 in favour, 1 against]

  7. Should LUU run a campaign on global palm oil use and production?

    • Passed [12 in favour, 2 against]

  8. Should we aim to cut down on disposable coffee cups on campus?

    • Passed [12 in favour, 2 against]

  9. Should LUU provide a zero-waste aisle in Essentials, providing package free groceries?

    • Passed [14 in favour, 0 against]


Better Leeds [Wednesday 10th May, 2017]

The second forum of the week, Better Leeds, saw the passing of 5 ideas!

  1. Should LUU campaign to end cash machine charges?

    • ??Passed [12 in favour, 0 against]

  2. Shoul LUU set up a donation point for sanitary products to then be donated to foodbanks?

    • Passed [12 in favour, 0 against]

  3. Should LUU lobby Leeds City Council for expansion of the Student Bus Fare Scheme and airport bus service??

    • Passed [12 in favour, 0 against]

  4. Should LUU lobby Leeds City Council and local businesses to reduce junk mail and paper waste?

    • Passed [10 in favour, 2 against]

  5. Should LUU set a target of increased election turnout across student neighbourhoods?

    • Passed [12 in favour, 0 against]


The next Forums are due to take place across the week of November 20th - more info can be found on the website.

If you have any ideas that you feel would make your time at Leeds better, whether that’s within the Union, in the University or in the wider Leeds community, make sure you submit them!


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