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Should LUU lobby landlords who resell utilities to show they are charging a fair price?

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What the Idea is about:

LUU should lobby landlords who resell utilities (for example through a prepayment meter) to show they are charging a fair price. Such landlords should explain in writing how utility charges are calculated, and provide a copy of a recent utility bill or utility contract showing the unit price.


Utilities that are charged at a set rate regardless of usage (for example all-inclusive bills) are not applicable.


Why have you proposed it?

Gas and Electricity regulator Ofgem and Water Services regulator Ofwat have determined that utilities cannot be resold at a higher rate than originally purchased. However, landlords who resell utilities currently do not have to explain how utility charges are calculated unless requested by the tenant. This could lead to tenants being unknowingly overcharged for utilities.


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