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Should LUU urge Leeds Council and relevant reps to improve road safety for students & residents?

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Name of Proposer:

Eleanor Craig


Idea Title:

Should LUU urge the Leeds City Council and relevant representatives to improve road safety conditions for students and residents alike?


What the Idea is about:

LUU should ensure that Leeds City Council identifies any particular areas, roads or zones that require additional signage, zebra crossings, and other necessary measures to improve road safety conditions, and provide appropriate funding to do so.


Why have you proposed it?

Concerns have been raised about safety in Leeds for students and residents alike. In particular, road safety has been identified as a key concern for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and other groups. We should lobby the city council to look into, identify and resolve these issues and provide the funding to do so. Examples of this could be better signage, zebra crossings, or lighting.


Kun Act
3:56am on 15 Feb 15 ingin belajar menulis kunjungi
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