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Should LUU work with local taxi firms to increase the provision of accessible taxis?

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Name of proposer:

Lawrence Thompson

What the idea is about:

I would like three things from this policy: I would like LUU to engage local taxi firms and work out the number of accessible taxis available in Leeds. Secondly, I would then like LUU to engage students who identify as disabled and record whether they believe there is a lack of accessible taxis. Thirdly, I would like LUU to use their corporate relationship with Amber cars to increase the number of accessible taxis available.


Why have you proposed it?:

As the Representative of Welfare societies in the Activities Executive I represent the Disability Action Group. This is something that they have said puts students in danger, at risk and serves as a barrier to students enjoying their time at Leeds. Leeds University Union, as the largest political body in the City, should advocate for an improved situation for anyone in Leeds who needs to use accessible taxis.




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