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Should LUU work with the University to develop a rent guarantor scheme?

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What the Idea is about:

LUU should work with the University to develop a rent guarantor scheme for continuing full-time students with no other UK guarantor available. The eligibility criteria should be created so that the risk to the university is minimised.


Why have you proposed it?

Students with no UK guarantor often have to pay a large amount of rent in advance. The NUS ‘Homes for fit study’ report (2014) showed that the majority of students who could not fulfil a request for a UK guarantor would be asked instead to pay at least three months of rent upfront. Including a deposit, the upfront cost can easily go into the thousands - months before the move-in date. Unless they are able to meet these costs, their choice in housing is restricted.



Steve John
11am on 3 May 16 It is basic for us to guarantee we keep disturbance to a base and point of confining the effect on understudy experience. we are subsequently working seriously with LUU associates to guarantee we convey the best support of our understudies amid this bustling time.
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