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Should the union lobby to have the catchment area of Leeds Student Medical Practice Extended?

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What the Idea is about:

Leeds Student Medical Practice is the most accessible doctors to students at the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett. However, if you live outside a very particular area, regardless of your student status, you are no longer in their catchment area. I would like the catchment area to be extended to all of Leeds in its entirety, or more sensibly, every student at these universities can be part of the student practice.

Why have you proposed it?

The main reason for wanting this is as time goes on students move. Students as migrated from Headingley to Hyde park and Burley, as as time goes on increasing numbers, especially older and postgraduate students, are moving further a field, like Armley. And despite the walking distance between the university and Armley or Headingly being the same. Armley is not included. Moreover, as rents increase in popular student areas, places like Armley become more appealing due to their lower price tag! Moreover, to join any other practice is more difficult as the student practice takes your university timetable into consideration. And our uni pays for any doctors notes we need. 


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