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Should we lobby Leeds City Council to extend parking restrictions to Brudenell Rd?

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What the Idea is about:

Parking restrictions and speed calming measures on Brudenell Rd stretching from the Woodhouse Moor to Sainsbury's opposite the Hyde Park Picture house.


Why have you proposed it?:

Currently Brudenell Rd in Hyde Park is one of the main thoroughfares for students traveling to the university either on foot or by bike. At the moment the road has no form of parking restrictions like much of the rest of Hyde Park, Owing to it's proximity to the university it's a popular parking spot  for those traveling into the university from afar leaving the road congested from the morning through till the evening. This leads to parking on either side of the road causing effectively a single lane rd only wide enough for one car at a time. This has impacts on car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Most impacted are cyclists who when en-route to university are forced off the rd by taxis and other vehicles coming in both directions as they climb the hill towards the park, This route is a more desirable route, as it avoids Royal Park Rd which is steeper and a busy bus route.  The parking restrictions would give over considerable road space to cyclists. The speed calming measures would hopefully negate any increased speed by motorists owing to the clearer route.



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