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Out of term time, should unsold food items be given away to charities?

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What the idea is about:

Unsold food from Essentials is given away on a Friday - whereby any items that are due to go out of date over the weekend are collected and presumably provided to food banks/the homeless. This is great, as it limits waste and helps the wider community, but this is only done during term time and I think this should be done throughout the year.


Why have you proposed it?:

I worked in Essentials for a week over summer where I was surprised to find that this policy does not apply out of term. On a Friday all of the leftover produce that is due to go out of date is simply thrown away - that's hundreds of pounds of food that could be given to people that really need it. The Union prides itself on being sustainable and helping the local community. However, can an organisation truly promote itself as having either of these attributes if initiatives like this are only put into practice while students are around? People don't stop being homeless or poor when most of us have gone home for summer. As opposed to perfectly edible food being binned, I'm sure a lot of us who stick around out of term would be willing to pick up any unsold goods and drop them off at a local charity - let's sort this out!



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