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Should LUU Express their Solidarity with the #FeesMustFall Movement in South Africa?

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What the idea is about:

LUU should express their support with the students currently demonstrating in South Africa as part of the #feesmustfall movement

Why have you proposed it?:

- The demands of the students are in line with the NUS’ call for free education and the problems faced by students in South Africa in regards to rising education costs are problems that exist in the UK also - their struggle is our struggle, thus we are obliged to offer support, even if it is only in words

- The solution offered by the Zuma government is only for a temporary freeze in price hikes, and although extending our support is only a gesture, it is important for us to show solidarity as this seems to only be the beginning of a wider student movement and any support will galvanise those involved

- Despite apartheid falling 20 years ago, the born free generation still experiences exploitation and oppression. Poverty, unemployment, and misery has not been alleviated since apartheid fell and demands for free education are one of many needed to see real change in South Africa

- The fact that the students are marching under a common banner and have rejected party identity and support from politicians demonstrates the mass nature of this movement. It also demonstrates that the students do not identify with the weak leadership of the traditionally strong parties such as the ANC and Communist Party, and it is important that we offer our support to the students as they attempt to lead a wider movement of students and workers (The NUMSA has called for common struggle) in the absence of these parties

- It should also be noted that in spite of partial concessions the ANC government did not refrain from attacking the movement by sending agent provocateurs into its midst to provoke clashes with the police. Tear gas and stun grenades were used against the students, and we should express our strong opposition to state violence towards students who engage in peaceful protest



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