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Should LUU Welfare Officer be responsible in continuing Student Minds Eating Disorder Support Group?

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Name of proposer:

Debi Altman

What the idea is about:

Student Minds provides a safe environment where students can discuss their experiences of life with an eating disorder, or any other topics they might want to discuss, in a friendly, informal, supportive and confidential environment. The support group maintains a pro-recovery atmosphere, as our ground rules make sure that conversation stays safe by focusing on feelings rather than behaviours and upholding our confidentiality policy. It allows a space for students to talk to their peers and realise they are not alone in what they are going through and we provide a different form of support that can be so important, especially when waiting lists are so long and it can be so difficult to get help due to diagnoses issues. We have our sessions every Monday 7-8pm, term time at the Little LUU House.


Why have you proposed it?:

We started the group in the academic year of 2011/2012 with the help of Harriet Rankin the Welfare Officer at the time and Student Minds (UK's Student Mental Health Charity) and the group has been running ever since. As the October 2011 policy of “The Union should set up a peer-led eating disorder support group” has now expired we feel it appropriate to guarantee the existence of this Eating Disorder support group for the next three years.

Group facilitators run support groups, providing their peers with time and space to talk openly about recovery. Students can apply to be a facilitators at their university via the Student Minds website. Student Minds then provide training, supervision and support for group facilitators. 


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