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Should LUU encourage Leadership Race candidates to run paper-free campaigns?

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Name of Proposer:

George Bradley

What the Idea is about:

LUU should encourage students to opt into running more sustainable election campaigns by ensuring that they are paper-free. This would be a written agreement which would bind the candidates to a paper-free commitment or pledge.

Why have you proposed it?

Every year, Leadership Race candidates use vast quantities of paper in their election campaigns. This can be an ineffective way of campaigning, as well as causing unnecessary harm to the environment. In an age of social media, this idea challenges the use of paper and printed content, and encourages more creative, innovative and sustainable ways of campaigning, with the obvious benefit of a dramatic reduction in environmentally damaging paper use.


Morgan Plain
12:41pm on 2 Feb 15 Making election campaigns paper free will vastly reduce visibility of the campaign for students and lower election turnout. You have to actively click on emails or go to the union website but posters are read naturally while travelling around campus, increasing visibility. I can only imagine that making the campaign paper-free will greatly reduce participation.
Stefano Vrizzi
5:40pm on 31 Jan 15 I believe that election campaigns should be paper-free, or at least more sustainable.
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