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Should LUU have an Afro-Caribbean hairdressers in the union?

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What the idea is about:

I would like a place at the university where I can go and get my hair done.


Why have you proposed it?:

I suggested this idea two years and nothing has changed. It's unfair that people with European hair can go and get their hair done at somewhere local to the students at Leeds university yet although I too am a student at the University of Leeds, because I have afro textured hair, the salon in the union (direct quote) 'is not insured' to do my hair therefore I have to go elsewhere to get it done.


Rahul Sinha Roy
4:46pm on 11 Mar 16 It is a very important issue. I went to O2 with an African friend of mine and were asked if both of us wanted our hair done. When I said yes, They said we don't do African or Caribbean hair, so we can do yours but not your friend's. I was really embarrassed by the whole situation and could not believe that in our very own union, there is discriminatory conduct on the basis of ethnicity by a hairdresser. It is very unfortunate and I do not think any hairdresser who are only selects customers on the basis of ethnicity are not to be allowed at Union premises at any cost.
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