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Should LUU pay all staff on minimum wage the minimum wage for 21 year olds?

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Name of proposer:

Andru Lawson

What the idea is about:

LUU should pay all staff who work at LUU the maximum amount of minimum wage, which is o pay them at the level earned by 21 year olds. They should pay all staff who do equivalent jobs equally, regardless of their age.


Why have you proposed it?:

Currently, staff in several areas of LUU are paid less for doing equivalent jobs as older colleagues. This includes staff in both bars and venues and Essentials supermarket. Those under the age of 21 are paid less than those who are 21 and older. Whilst legal, this is not fair to those who get paid less - especially when many of the staff are students who already live on a tight budget.


Luke Smith
4:37pm on 30 Jan 15 I think the point that Andru raises is one that should definitely be taken into account. I believe inequality in pay based on age should end in the Union. LUU is seen as a progressive body, and pioneering this change could encourage other organisations to adopt this. Although a little different, orcas are still held legally in some US states, this doesn't make it morally right. Why should staff who do the same job be paid differently based on their age? In the future when we look back at inequality in pay based on age, it will be like looking back at a time when pay was unequal (or more unequal) between genders. So why not make the change now?
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