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Should LUU work in Partnership with stage@leeds to reduce the cost of using their facilities?

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Name of proposer:
Tom Dixon

What the idea is about:
For stage@leeds to scrap their policy of charging LUU Performance societies 50% of the profit they make on shows performed in stage@leeds spaces, including Stage One, the Alec Clegg Theatre and the Banham Theatre.

Why have you proposed it?:
Currently, stage@leeds charge performance societies 50% of their profit to use their space. This means that a show which costs £1,000 to put on has to make £2,000 at the box office in order to break even, because stage@leeds will take 50% of that £2,000. This reduces productions down to a commercial enterprise where profit is the driver rather than creativity and innovation.


Emily Austin
1:01pm on 17 Mar 15 In 2013 I was involved in the creation of a small musical society, we have put on 2 successful shows but getting started was not easy; as a new and small society we were not able to get the Riley Smith to put our show on as it is an in demand space and we were not high up the priority list. This meant we had to find an alternative performance space and Stage@Leeds was the only real option. We paid a lump sum of £1650 for the use of the stage for a dress, tech, two evening shows and a matinee. This was a substantial amount of money and fortunately we made enough on ticket sales to cover our costs but every show we do our profits are heavily cut into by the cost of using Stage@Leeds and this affects how much money we have to invest in the next years show and other aspects of our society, The fact that I think the cost of Stage@Leeds should be reduced for student societies has no reflection on the quality of the space and the staff. We have used the stage for both shows so far and have had an excellent relationship with the venue and they really have worked hard to help us and made the process of performing the shows considerably easier. We expect to have to pay for such a fantastic service however I agree that the current cost is excessive and it is unfair that smaller societies who cannot get access to the cheaper venues such as Riley Smith have to pay such high costs to be able to put on a performance.
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