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Should LUU work to create a new system for the allocation of storage space?

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Idea Title:

Should LUU work to create a new system for the allocation of storage space?

Name of proposer:

Lawrence Thompson

What the idea is about:

I would like to see LUU allocate storage space in the Cages, located through the double doors at the back of the Hidden Cafe, through an annual application process. Most likely after Easter when most societies have elected their incoming committees.  These applications could then be dealt with by Reps and DevCos to ensure those societies in the most need are given space or provided with a suitable alternative. This application process could also include the Student Advice Centre who are allocated a number of cages which, conceivably, could also be used by student societies. This would also create a sense of urgency for establishing new storage space if demand outstripped current availability. If the LUU redevelopment were to affect storage space, then this system for allocation could then include sourcing new, temporary storage facilities.


Why have you proposed it?:

As President of Mind Matters and as Welfare Rep, I've seen how important it is for smaller societies to have access to a central point for storing important resources. Due to a lack of availability in the cages themselves we started to store items in the room itself but then as things started to go missing, we had to find other options. I hope this process would encourage societies who would benefit from storage to apply, because at present some societies who would benefit are unaware of its availability or the process for getting a cage.


Lena Siders
10:02am on 19 Mar 15 If you required to extent this allocation space you must have to extend.
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