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Should the Union introduce Pant?

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Name of proposer:

Rebecca Foxcroft


Idea Title:

Should the Union introduce Pant?


What the idea is about:

Pant is a way of encouraging recycling that is currently in place in Scandinavia and Germany. The idea is you pay a little bit extra when you buy a bottled or canned drink, and then when you bring the bottle/can back to a recycling point you get the extra cost back. So in the end, if you recycle, you haven't paid anything extra!


Why have you proposed it?:

Students often don't recycle and they often want convenient pre-packaged food and drink. If pant can just help give some students the motivation to recycle that would be great! And hopefully one day, all of the UK will embrace pant!


Konstantin Rybalcenko
4:20pm on 24 Jan 16 Actually thats a great idea which I also wanted to propose. We could introduce this scheme instead of our current ban on bottled water which is quite silly.
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