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Should the Union support all ISSF and Olympic shooting disciplines being legal throughout the UK?

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What the idea is about:

The Union should support the widening of the parameters of section 1 firearms to permit the legal possibility of widespread participation in all ISSF and Olympic shooting disciplines, including target pistol shooting disciplines. This includes bringing this to the attention of politicians and students in order have any hope of bringing about a change in the law.

Why have you proposed it?:

At present these pistol disciplines are effectively illegal in Great Britain because suitable firearms are prohibited under section 5 of the Firearms Act (1968) and amendments.

The near complete ban on internationally recognised sporting disciplines is irrefutably draconian and the fact that the law had to be temporarily changed for the 2012 Olympics so that some events weren’t illegal is shameful.

The licensing system principles do work and they could satisfactorily control the risk to the public from handguns being employed in a wider sporting environment than at present in Great Britain, much as with they do with other types and uses of firearms today.

The Union's support would send a message to the government and local politicians that a ban on legitimate sporting disciplines is not acceptable, it is something that matters and it should change.

The government have no intention of doing anything about it nor has any government for the eighteen years it has been in place. Very little debate is actually had and little serious consideration is given by the public to the arguments for the repeal of the ban; Union support could make a contribution to both.


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