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Should the union support Leeds Student Television in playing out their weekly broadcast in union?

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Name of proposer:

Rosamund Dodd

What the idea is about:

I want the union to play out the Leeds Student Television broadcast on Wednesdays from 2pm, normally lasting until 3/3. 30. At the moment the society broadcast every week, but to ensure the quality of the programme, it could be broadcast bi-weekly.


Why have you proposed it?:

LSTV offers a lot to the union, filming and streaming live events such as Varsity, The Rileys and the Summer Ball. They also film lots of the debates on, such as free education and the marking boycott. As well union held events, LSTV film other society debates such as the recent Mind Matters with John Woodcock debate on mental health. Sport society GIAGs are also made into packages advertising all sorts of fun you can have from fencing to karate. Show promotional videos are made as well as the 'Coffee house' music sessions in the union filmed. All of these different aspects feature in our broadcast and in turn help spread the message of the variety the union offers. The broadcast being played out in the Union may lead to more people going to shows, GIAGs and the debates, or just getting more people engaged, who otherwise wouldn't be. With this advertising, we'd hope that more people would want to make packages for us, present and learn media skills. LSTV has the potential to appeal to a wealth of interests but currently has a majority broadcast journalism membership. I see a huge development for our society with this simple step.



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