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Should LUU lobby for Postgraduate Funding which is open and accessible to all?

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Idea Proposer:

Tina Brocklebank and Dee Kaur

What the idea is about:

 For current Government proposals for postgraduate funding to include those over 30.


Why have you proposed it?

Those over the age of 30 have as much to offer the job market as those under the age of 30 and should not be discriminated against in terms of their funding as a result.


Joseph Gilmour-Rees
8:39pm on 16 Feb 15 I don't understand this proposal. Could have been submitted in more detail/more explication of current policy compared to what proposal suggest?
Louisa Brotherson
12:46pm on 6 Feb 15 Is there an age limit on the Access to Learning Fund?
Matthew Robinson
9:28pm on 30 Jan 15 There has to be some sort of restriction surely? At whose expense would it be to put a 63 year old through postgrad for example?
Alexandra Robinson
8:15pm on 30 Jan 15 As someone directly affected, I totally agree. It's taken me many years of working to be in a position to consider postgrad study & I feel I'm being penalised for working.
Fiona McClelland
6:04pm on 30 Jan 15 Well done! It is infuriating that this age restriction has been put in place.
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