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Should LUU work with the university to provide consent classes during Fresher's week?

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What the idea is about:


Consent classes should be part of the induction week timetable for new students along with library inductions and personal tutor meetings etc. These should make clear what consent is and what it is not and be given by trained consent workshop leaders. This would bring us in line with many other universities.

Why have you proposed it?:


A recent survey by The Tab found that 38% of female Leeds university students had experienced sexual assault. This is unacceptable and both the union and the university ought to be taking a stance to ensure that our students can feel safe at university.



Olivia Morris
9:01am on 4 Oct 16 While some people may view this as condescending, I feel like it's a necessary lesson to review. There are 'grey areas' that need to be cleared up, and we need to clearly discuss what options are available for sexual assault victims on campus. If anything, the arguments stated earlier simply prove that we need more education on the subject. Yes, men are often considered the 'common suspects' of sexual assault or dubious consent charges, and yes, women are just as capable of committing those same crimes. That means we need to talk about the subject as a whole, and this would be a great start.
Ryan Lockwood
12:02am on 27 Nov 15 Enforced (or even suggested) consent lessons are demeaning and condescending. To presume that men (and it is exclusively the entirety of men that you blame) aren't capable of grasping a clear and coherent understanding of consent, yet that women are able to, is not only sexist in its own right but quite frankly despicable. I've never indecently approached a woman in public, and now I rarely am even friendly to women in public for fear that they will misinterpret it and that I'll be reported for 'inappropriate advances'. Moreover, I've been assaulted by girls on nights out when queuing up, minding my own business and simply standing my ground when they tried to push me out of the way. I refuse to be bullied by feminism.
Jonathan Clark
12:29am on 24 Nov 15 Surprised this is even debatable. Even pretty switched on people have some shaky ideas around enthusiastic consent and the more we can do to tackle this the better!
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