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Should Lecturers and Personal Tutors be educated on the difference between sex and gender?

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Name of proposer:
Skye Golding and Lily Aarons

What the idea is about:
During staff training events there should be a short, compulsory tutorial on the difference between biological sex, gender identity and gender presentation. This should include examples of when and where the uses of certain terms are appropriate, in order to be more sensitive and inclusive of students who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Why have you proposed it?:
There have been several instances in which trans* identifying students have felt marginalised and sidelined in lectures and seminars and have felt unable to speak up. Issues surrounding gender identity can be complex, but a small thing such as the correct use of terminology can make people feel much more comfortable and included.


Joseph Gilmour-Rees
8:46pm on 16 Feb 15 I am not sure academics will be that aware of the differences, especially if their field is not at all related to gender. And they won't be aware of what is appropriate and what is not, and what the University recommends as correct policy/approaches to the issue unless they are trained in it. I would support this as long as it is not delivered in a condescending way, and leads to a more holistic understanding of trans issues, not just which pronoun to use when. I would also support it as a part of a more in depth training for personal tutors, as I fear currently some academics are not at all appropriate people to fulfill the pastoral side of the personal tutor role.
Peter Clark
12:33am on 1 Feb 15 I'm sure the universities academics are very aware of the distinction between sex and gender and if they are not are more than willing to take any concerns of their students under advisement. I doubt they need any more seminars to distract them from the work of teaching and researching.
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