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Should students be given a certain amount of free printer credits by their degree and year?

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Name of proposer:
Peter Phillips

What the idea is about:
I want the University to give students a certain amount of free printing credits determined by the year they are in -  (i.e. 3rd years will receive more than 2nd years, who will receive more than 1st years).
The student's school will then give them an additional amount of free credits. The amount of credits schools give will be negotiated by the respective student reps.  This means that in subjects where more printing is required (e.g. history, politics), these students will able to receive a fairer amount of free printing credits. Students would receive this allowance by semester, and this system would allow students to carry over any unused credits to the next semester. The environment is taken into consideration as the printing credit allowance is limited, so students would not be able to freely abuse the system.

Why have you proposed it?:
It is clear that with the increase use of computers and laptops as a form of note taking, essay writing and research; printing has become an essential part of University work. Therefore, it seems wrong that students have to pay to print their work, on top of the £9000 tuition fees. Having an allowance of free printing credits would encourage students to print off their work, thus further enhancing their education, plus keep student costs down. Furthermore, since students would receive a limited allowance of credits, the printing services would not be abused and thus paper would not be wasted.


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